Bigi Ginger Lemon soft drink

Bigi Ginger Lemon soft drink



Enriching taste

Refreshing Soft Drink

Suits every occasion

Best when chilled

Packaged in a hygienic environment (World Class Factory)

Premium Select

Manufactured In Nigeria (Proudly Nigerian)


. Bigi Ginger Lemon soft drink hits you with its first mild sweet taste, followed closely by its ginger finish. The only option is to take it again and again, either chilled or as a cocktail mix.

Bigi Soft Drinks are an exciting refreshing range of unique soft drinks that are fantastically refreshing, made from a world class facility and promoting the truly and proudly Nigerian spirit. These soft drinks are very refreshing and suits every occasion. It has a satisfying taste that will always keep you asking for more. Best when served chilled

Weight 7.84 kg
Dimensions 27.29 × 20 × 24.21 cm


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