Terms Of Use

* To be a member of the website of Richesmart.com, first of all it requires that you fill in the registration form and then agree and undertake to comply with the provisions of the user agreement for Richesmart.com. By filling in and ratifying the registration form or getting any services or ordering of food items using this system, the user agrees to be bound by the user agreement on Richesmart.com.

* Once you have selected your order from the menu , you will be given the opportunity to submit your order by clicking on “checkout” button. Please note it is important that you check the information that you enter and correct any errors before clicking on the “checkout’. On receipt of your order, Richesmart.com will begin processing your order, with a message sent to confirm if order has been successful.


You have the right to cancel an order up to 5 minutes from placing the order on our website. While effort is made to ensure accurate pricing and descriptions are maintained, we reserve the right to cancel any order that is based on inaccurate information.

You may not access or use the website for any other purpose other that what Richesmart.com makes it available for. The website is for the personal use of users only and may not be used in connection with any commercial purposes except those that are endorsed or approved by Richesmart.com. Incase of any prohibited activities committed by user, Richesmart.com has the right to suspend, block or terminate the user’s membership and prevent future access to log in to the service.

Items order within Dubai would be delivered within 2 hours Time span, Other emirates would be scheduled for a next day delivery. During any Item delivery, if the user is not available in the address specified in the system, the items shall not be delivered to anywhere else. Within the framework of such case, the member must accept all legal responsibilities arising from ordering an item to an address where he/she does not exist.

* Items opened or damaged while in possession of user can not be returned back or replaced by Richesmart.com. Any item that has been delivered to user after a 24hours time frame can not be returned or replaced by Richesmart.com.

* Customer can choose between different payment methods provided on the platforms, which are currently the following: Cash on Delivery (COD), local debit crds. Apple Pay, PayPal, and credit cards.
* Richesmart.com reserves the right to provide other payment methods or to no longer offer certain payment methods.
* Customers bindingly chooses the payment method when placing the respective order, provided that the customer chooses an online payment method, the payment provider cooperating with RICHIESMART.
* Card data will be stored for future orders by the external online payment providers, on the condition that the customer has given consent to the storage and future usage.
* Customer is obliged to ensure sufficient cover of the respective account or, when using credit card, to use the credit card only within the card transaction limit.

* Richesmart.com takers user satisfaction very seriously. In the case of problems with items ordered, please contact Richiesmart through WhatsApp or call us on our customer service hotline number and we will assist you. In appropriate cases, if you have already been billed by Richiesmart, we can issue full or partial refunds. In the following cases: if you don’t receive your order or received an incorrect order, you may be issued a full refund or replacement of items. If part of your order is missing, we can issue a partial refund or replacement of item. In every event, we will do our best to ensure your satisfaction.
* The customer refund procedure might take 2-7 working days to be initiated by Richiesmart, however the time needed to process it on the debit/credit cards bank payment gateway largely depends on the operations of the Central bank of the UAE. The customer has to follow up with bank incase of any delay in crediting back the customer’s account with the amount previously paid.

* The company’s program membership allows its account members to earn and redeem points when making purchase orders through the company’s application and only within the U.A.E territory, and in accordance with the rules, requirements and specification.